Writing Inspiration: 1

Don’t these notebooks make you want to be a kid again?

Maybe you’re writing a memoir about the darkest moment of your life, or your novel’s protagonist is a brutal thieving scumbag–and yes, maybe the line spacing in these Mead notebooks is way too old-school to draft seriously in–but there is something to be said about reminding yourself that writing can be FUN. It should be fun.

We all hit the wall, where we stare and pace and decide vacuuming the blinds is necessary now, but I swear, add a little color to your writing space and bammo! Color is to black words on white screen what the power pose is to the stuck hunched-over writer’s body–a burst of bountifulness in the form of a juicy rainbow.

Stop doing all your creative work on a computer. Break every once in awhile from your keyboard and scratch up a scene with a pencil–against paper. Buy a notebook with pages that feel like silk (I ♥ Rhodia), or buy a grown-up version of Mead’s “OOH, BURRRRN” with tulips or trout on it, and let go.

Go out and get yourself a roll of white craft paper, tack it to your wall, plot your scenes, and then attack your creation with a set of fluorescent highlighter pens and colored star-shaped Post-it® Notes. (I like Post-it® stars because they remind me of what to aim for with every revision–better clarity and sparkle).


Ooh! Looks and feels like a Creamsicle!


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