Writing Inspiration: 2

The new Facebook emojis? Honestly, too much hype is being given to how we will now risk insulting friends with just an old-school “Like.” And the notion that Facebook is utilizing them to better nail down who we are as consumers? Yup, but since I don’t shop with cash everywhere I go, marketers are figuring it out anyway. This is why on the back of all my grocery store receipts, I get an offer for five pennies off my next purchase of cat food.

Which brings me to this brilliant marketing move the Asheville Humane Society came out with this week on Facebook.


That cat seriously has a ♥ on it!!

Let this kind of funny perspective be your writing inspiration for the day (and adopt or foster a rescue animal if you can).

If funny and furry is not your game this Friday, maybe some blood pumping M.I.A. and super strong girls practicing for gold in the new Under Armor ad is. UA is not a brand I choose to wear, but this ad has it all– a badass tune, highly motivating visuals, and an almost as good as “Just Do It” slogan to wrap it all up.

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