A Long Loss Post

In the past six months, I have lost one aunt and one uncle. My aunt’s death was sudden and unexpected, and my uncle’s—let’s just say he plowed for decades through almost every illness, curse, and disease under the sun, until last Sunday. Earlier last week, on Tuesday, my mom and I flew to the East … Continue reading A Long Loss Post

Worry/Way Through

“I worry when I feel good and giddy about what I’ve written that I’m delusional.” How much longer would this great piece by Susannah Felts, “Here Are the Things You Should Worry About While Writing a Novel,” become, if passed around the online literary community for 24 hours? Hard to say, because it feels like Felts … Continue reading Worry/Way Through

For the Love of Interviews

For my novel–like most (aspiring!) novelists, I suppose–I combined a tiny percentage of real life with a huge percentage of the imagined. I also did some research. I watched the entire Ken Burns’ Baseball miniseries while at a writers’ residency in Wyoming, checked out the incredible online libraries of MLB stats, read “Watching Baseball Smarter” and … Continue reading For the Love of Interviews