Over the “too busy” excuse, but dang, I am real busy

I used to be such a dedicated blogger (years back, different site entirely). I was teaching at Portland State University and Mt. Hood Community College (adjunct life, woot!) and earning my MFA.

I wrote and wrote and wrote–my short stories, the start of my novel, student materials, and blog posts about books, writers, animals, living abroad, language, Noble Rot, crushes, beer, boots…

Now, I am writing and writing and writing and editing and editing and editing words for others. It’s my business. J’adore each and every one of my current clients.

But I am too busy to blog. So, yes, this IS today’s post. What can I tell you?

It’s June in the Pacific Northwest. I am wearing socks. Here is a photo of my Schnoodle, Melvin. I call it Purple Rain.



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