From the practical and useful, to the innovative and wild, to the heart wrenching turned triumphant—together, we can write your book. We start with a free 30-minute call, and if we are a good fit, sign a contract and whip up an outline. After an exchange or two to align ourselves on the outline, we map out a timeline and schedule, commit, hold our first interview, and then I write your first chapter. We work until we capture your voice in this first chapter, and proceed—steadily and boldly—from there. We also allow ourselves plenty of flexibility, because unexpected things tend to happen when words move from the brain and heart to the page.

Non-fiction Book Proposals

Some memoirs and most non-fiction books are submitted to agents via a proposal. Proposals range from 30-70 pages, and include the following elements: Table of Contents, Author Bio and Platform, Competitive Titles and Marketing Plan, Chapter Summaries, and 1-3 Sample Chapters. Submission guidelines for agents and small publishers vary, and must be strictly followed. I can coach you through writing the first draft of your proposal, and then provide two rounds of edits; or I can edit the proposal you have in hand. I can also research agents, magazines, and small presses that would be a best fit for your manuscript.

Cost for ghostwriting full-length books and book proposals: Determined on a per-project basis, in accordance with industry standards. Paid in installments, with initial deposit paid up front. Turnaround varies.