Manuscript Evaluation, Developmental Editing & Book Doctoring (Rewriting)

I take editing projects on a rolling basis and am booked out two to three months in advance.
Reach out to hold a spot. 

Editing terminology and overlap can be confusing. I tailor all collaborations to your needs, level, and goals.

The descriptions below are meant to give you a general sense of how we might work together on your existing manuscript, though developmental editing can also be useful for writers with years’ worth of notes and fizzled-out outlines scattered here and there, aka writers seeking a sounding board on how to structure their manuscript-to-be, what to put in and leave out, and how to finally put their ass in the chair, keep it there, and write.

First Fifty Pages

Oftentimes the issues and inconsistencies you are struggling with throughout your book present themselves in the first fifty pages. What is singing on the page and what is not? What might you build on or axe? Light markup with big picture suggestions will guide you moving forward. 30-minute follow-up Zoom or call.

Flat fee $750.

Full Manuscript Evaluation

A close read of your manuscript with a 5-10 page editorial letter that addresses big picture elements. After you receive feedback on structure, strengths, and opportunities, you may prefer to rework your manuscript solo; or, we can talk about further coaching and/or editing services. One-hour follow-up Zoom or call.

Flat fee $1200-1500 for manuscripts up to 60,000 words (each additional 10k words = $200). 

Developmental Edit

A close read of your manuscript with a 10-20 page editorial letter, extensive margin notes, and detailed suggestions on how to improve specific passages or recurring issues. Addresses structure, flow, voice, setting, characters, themes, and dialogue. Some sentence-level input, but a DE does not entail line editing, as the writing is expected to change. 90-minute follow-up Zoom or call.

Flat fee $3000 for manuscripts up to 50,000 words/200 pages; $4000 for manuscripts up to 75,000 words/300 pages; $5000 for manuscripts up to 100,000 words/400 pages. 

Content & Line Editing

Polishes the paragraph, sentence, word choice, and flow. This service benefits the writer who has already worked through several drafts of their manuscript and is seeking a final “uplift.”

Pricing TBD post-manuscript evaluation.

Book Doctoring/Rewriting

You have a full draft of a manuscript but have little to no interest (or time) to work through the editing process. This is the deepest level of editing possible. After discussing and getting clear on any developmental/structural/big picture issues, you grant me permission to go all in and completely revise/rewrite your book, in your voice.

Pricing TBD post-manuscript evaluation.

Copy Edit

Combs your manuscript for grammar, spelling, mechanical, and punctuation errors. I am not a copy editor but am happy to refer you to one.