Manuscript Evaluation & Editing

The descriptions below are meant to give you a general sense of how we might work together on your existing manuscript. I tailor each collaboration and contract to meet your specific needs.

Initial Intake (“Test to Trust”)

There are hundreds of amazing writers, editors, and coaches out there and it can be challenging to find the perfect fit. For this reason, I offer a sample edit of up to ten pages with a one-hour follow-up call.

Cost: Pre-paid $350

Manuscript Evaluation

A careful read of your manuscript with a 6-8 page editorial letter that addresses big picture elements. This service is for the writer who has had few (if any) outside readers and wants to know what’s working, what’s not, and what’s possible. After receiving feedback on setting, pacing, themes, character development, tension, dialogue, tone, mood, and plot, this writer will usually either take the manuscript into their own hands and rework it solo for another round or two; or, they will talk with me about further coaching and/or editing services.

Cost: Pre-paid, ranges from $1200-1500, depending on word count. I normally do not work with manuscripts over 100,000 words/400 pages. Turnaround four weeks.

Developmental Edit

Takes the Manuscript Evaluation (see above) one step further by providing extensive margin notes and detailed suggestions on how to improve specific passages or fix recurring issues. Writers seeking a Developmental Edit want to work intensively to clarify, flesh out, and tighten things up.

Cost: Pre-paid, ranges from $3500-4500 for up to 80,000 words. Turnaround three months.

Line Edit

Never to be done before a Developmental Edit, the Line Edit is the polish on the paragraph, sentence, and word choice. This pass makes your work pulse and sing!

Cost: TBD.

Copy Edit

Combs your manuscript for grammar, spelling, mechanical, and punctuation errors. Some editors distinguish copy editing from line editing–I am one of those editors. Though I technically do not offer copy editing as a separate service, as a former university English and ESL instructor, I cannot help addressing errors as I go along. While Line Editing, when I see a misused they’re/their/there, or an instance of subject/pronoun disagreement, I’ll fix it. If any issue is consistent or pervasive, I’ll instruct the writer to use Find/Replace, or to make sure to budget for a copyeditor.


The final review of your manuscript before it goes out to agents, or to print, or is self-published. Because all editors are human, and spellcheck cannot always be trusted, proofing is crucial. Professional proofreaders catch any and all copy editing slips, as well as formatting issues. I do not offer proofreading services. See Scheduling and Referrals.

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