The descriptions below are meant to give you a general sense of how we might work together on your existing manuscript, but know that I do tailor each collaboration and contract to meet your specific needs. For example, some first drafts come to me needing multiple and extensive revisions, other first drafts are extraordinary, and might go straight to the Line Editing phase. In some cases, I receive books that were completed by another ghostwriter, the client is asking me for a quick “eye” to ensure the book is ready to be published, and I unfortunately have to shout, “Hold the presses!” (and then I take my scalpel and play Book Doctor).

In any case, here are the services I offer, followed by the services I refer out to my trusted circle of book nerds!

Manuscript Evaluation

A careful read of a rough or early draft, with a 6-10 page editorial letter addressing big picture elements. For the writer who has had few (if any) outside readers (besides spouse or best friend!) and wants to know what’s working and what’s not in terms of beginning, middle, and end. After receiving general feedback on setting, pacing, themes, character development, tension, dialogue, tone, mood, and plot, writer prefers to return to manuscript and rework it solo for another round or two.

Cost: Pre-paid, ranges from $1100-1800, depending on word count. I normally do not work with manuscripts over 100,000 words/400 pages. Turnaround 2 weeks.

Developmental Edit

Digs deeper than the Manuscript Evaluation w/editorial letter by providing margin notes and specific suggestions on how to improve specific passages or fix recurring issues, such as unrealistic dialogue or a secondary character that suddenly drops out or takes over the story. Writers seeking a Developmental Edit have worked through a few drafts, possibly with feedback from a writing group/peers, and now want to work one-on-one through two rounds of revisions to clarify and tighten things up. Together we work though setting, pacing, themes, character development, tension, dialogue, tone, mood, and plot.

Cost: Pre-paid, ranges from $2,500-3000 for up to 100,000 words. Turnaround varies from three to five months.

Line Edit

Never to be done before a Developmental Edit (because with two DE rounds, the writer may add to and/or cut significant portions of the manuscript), the Line Edit is the polish on the paragraph, sentence, and word choice. This pass makes your work pulse and sing!

Cost: TBD, the Line Edit is sometimes done in tandem with the second round of Developmental Editing, if copy is tight; or, it is done as a third and entirely separate round. Sometimes, too, if after an initial Manuscript Evaluation I see that the story is tight and spectacular, I might suggest going directly to the Line Editing stage.

Copy Edit

Combs your manuscript for grammar, spelling, mechanical, and punctuation errors. Some editors distinguish copy editing from line editing, including myself. Though I technically do not offer copy editing as a separate service, as a former university English and ESL instructor, I cannot help addressing copy issues and errors as I go along. If I see an issue with they’re/their/there, I’ll just go right in and fix it.


The final review of your manuscript before it goes to print, or is self-published. Because all editors are human, and spellcheck cannot always be trusted, proofing is crucial. Professional proofreaders catch any and all copy editing slips, as well as formatting issues. I do not offer proofreading services. See Scheduling and Referrals.