Working Together

I collaborate with people who are intent on making a positive impact by sharing their life stories and/or their professional expertise. The projects I take on educate, shine a light, bridge gaps, humor, imagine, and explore.

I work with people who are curious, creative, committed, smart, and fun! People work with me because I am all of the above, and a great listener.

My clients come from a variety of backgrounds and professions, and I learn something new from everyone I work with. In the process of planning, interviewing or meeting, writing, and revising, my clients often experience major Aha! moments, and grow and transform as well. Over the past ten years as a full-time professional writer and editor, the inspiration-level in every collaboration has been high and mutually beneficial.

I work with artists, entrepreneurs, business leaders and executive coaches, adventurers, retirees, academics, and “the interesting person next door.” My clients have a story to tell or an idea to share, but either don’t particularly like writing, don’t have time to write, or need a small fire lit under them to write!

Because I like to inhabit as fully as possible the world a client is inviting me into, and because writing a book requires focus, dedication, and hundreds of hours, I take on a select number of projects per year.

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