On the literary scene in Port Townsend >> Real Pants


Excerpts from Outta Here!, my novel-in-progress

Cobalt Review >> Little League Girls, winner of the 2014 Tennessee Williams New Orleans Literary Festival Fiction Prize, was also a finalist for the Cobalt Review 2016 Earl Weaver Baseball Prize

the museum of americana >> Throwing Signs

the museum of americana >> Q & A on playing softball, rooting for the Philadelphia Phillies, and hoping to bring Outta Here! home

More Than Sports Talk >> If 6 Was 9

Hobart >> Whether You Win or Lose  

Germ Magazine >> Read Aloud

The American Literary Review >> The Geometry of Changing Course

Louisiana Literature 32.1 >> Little League Girls, winner of the 2014 Tennessee Williams New Orleans Literary Festival Fiction Prize

Judges Victor LaValle and Emily Raboteau said this of this piece: “The story manages to be about something simple–two best friends who play on a girls’ softball team in New Jersey–while also exploring a much grander subject–how these two children cope with the loss of any worthwhile male role models in their lives. And, best of all, they discover that their friendship, spiky and raw, can be enough to keep them safe and sane and hopeful. This story is also funny as hell and driven by a first rate, charming narrative voice. It was also such a pleasure to read a story about girls playing baseball, that great American pastime, and treating them like serious athletes, right down to the mess pitchers and catchers talk as they warm up on the mound.”


Selected Fiction Online

Pithead Chapel >> The Empty State

Painted Bride Quarterly >> How We Stay Good Girls

PANK Magazine >> Little Rubber Houses

Spork Press >> Mariah Inspires

Bluestem >> Nitrous Tiny Tiny

The Puritan >> Pale Next to This

Joyland >> Portrait #37, In Red

On Earth As It Is (Now housed in Butler University’s Digital Commons) >> God in Ocean City, New Jersey

Knee-Jerk Magazine >> There Are No Right or Wrong Answers

Storyglossia >> Like Maiden


Creative Nonfiction/Poetry/Cross-Genre Online

r.kv.r.y >> Dark Feather

Tinderbox Poetry Journal >> Song of Myself at Djerassi

Shadowgraph Quarterly >> The Press

The Louisville Review >> Goodbye, Vacationland

Newfound/An Inquiry of Place >> Stick and Stone


Work in Print

Sou’wester, Spring 2012 >> Downcutting

New South, Summer 2011 >> He & I, Contact



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