Last spring, a married pair of ghostwriting clients flew me down to their place in Palm Springs. Can I tell you how much a Pacific Northwest dweller needs that blinding dry desert sunlight in April? This much: We’d completed the planning phase for each of their books, and decided to do the bulk of our … Continue reading Goodness

Over the “too busy” excuse, but dang, I am real busy

I used to be such a dedicated blogger (years back, different site entirely). I was teaching at Portland State University and Mt. Hood Community College (adjunct life, woot!) and earning my MFA. I wrote and wrote and wrote–my short stories, the start of my novel, student materials, and blog posts about books, writers, animals, living … Continue reading Over the “too busy” excuse, but dang, I am real busy


In the past three years of querying agents for my novel, Outta Here!, I’ve gone from running on pure high hopes and confidence, to almost hitting the game-ending “I quit writing forever” button. After working on my pages for four years and attending a master novel workshop in 2013, where I was told, “It’s ready. Start … Continue reading Superstitious