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“How will I know unless I go?” ~ Flannery O’Connor

My first protagonist was a cloud named Little Lisa. After having fallen to Earth, Little Lisa adventured, going to school, to birthday parties, to the beach, and to Paris. She loved studying, taking care of animals, dressing up for Halloween, and meeting curious new people.

I turned out to be a lot like this cat and pooch obsessed cloud character of my childhood. I’ve never stopped roaming the land, seeking new experiences, inhabiting someone else’s shoes for a spell, and asking questions.

Flannery O’Connor asks one of the most motivating questions we can ask ourselves: “How will I know unless I go?”

You are here because you know you have stories to share, but you want to know what book you have in you. You are ready.

I am here to hear you.

Let’s go.


“Thank you, Christine, for being my copilot in bringing this book to life. I brought my story and you brought your talent, and together we’ve created a book that I hope will make a difference for whoever reads it. You are a writing goddess, and I feel immensely blessed to have found and worked with you.”

Ellen Robertson Hamra, Author of Time to Fly, Life and Love After Loss



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