Last spring, a married pair of ghostwriting clients flew me down to their place in Palm Springs. Can I tell you how much a Pacific Northwest dweller needs that blinding dry desert sunlight in April? This much: We’d completed the planning phase for each of their books, and decided to do the bulk of our … Continue reading Goodness

Over the “too busy” excuse, but dang, I am real busy

I used to be such a dedicated blogger (years back, different site entirely). I was teaching at Portland State University and Mt. Hood Community College (adjunct life, woot!) and earning my MFA. I wrote and wrote and wrote–my short stories, the start of my novel, student materials, and blog posts about books, writers, animals, living … Continue reading Over the “too busy” excuse, but dang, I am real busy


In the past three years of querying agents for my novel, Outta Here!, I’ve gone from running on pure high hopes and confidence, to almost hitting the game-ending “I quit writing forever” button. After working on my pages for four years and attending a master novel workshop in 2013, where I was told, “It’s ready. Start … Continue reading Superstitious

A Long Loss Post

In the past six months, I have lost one aunt and one uncle. My aunt’s death was sudden and unexpected, and my uncle’s—let’s just say he plowed for decades through almost every illness, curse, and disease under the sun, until last Sunday. Earlier last week, on Tuesday, my mom and I flew to the East … Continue reading A Long Loss Post