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“Your feedback was so precise and to the point that it raised my writing to a whole new level.”

~ S. S., developmental editing client

“I had never worked with an editor before Christine and was very nervous, but the minute we conversed on the phone, I knew we were a match. Christine, an author herself, knows the deep attachment writers have to their words, and never performed her necessary editorial surgery with anything but pure caring. Her skills and vision for the final product are outstanding. I trusted her, and would love to work with her again.”

~ S. G-S., book proposal coaching and editing client

“This is the best money I have ever spent.”

~ S. G., book proposal editing and coaching client

“I wish I’d found you earlier.”

~ K. S., book proposal editing client

“I thought writing a book about a subject most people dread—visiting the dentist—would be more challenging than making it through dental school! Thanks to Christine’s diligence, intelligence, and wit, I came out with a book that not only helps people make wiser and safer decisions when choosing a dentist, but one that makes them laugh.”

~ Dr. M. DMD, ghostwriting client

“Yours is the voice I want in my head while I’m writing.”

~ C. B., developmental editing client

“I never imagined I would embark on the journey of writing my memoir, and it wouldn’t have happened without Christine Fadden. We were meant to collaborate with each other, and it was truly a life-changing experience for me. Christine is an incredibly empathetic, skilled, and gifted writer. She helped put my thoughts, experiences, and feelings into words and now I have a legacy and story to share with the world, to guide other widows in moving forward and creating a meaningful life.”

~ Melissa Grahek Pierce, Author of Filled With Gold: A Widow’s Story

“I have had the opportunity to work with Christine in various capacities over the last few years. She is a very gifted writer, editor, and content developer who is also flexible, relationship-oriented and professional! I highly recommend her for your next writing or editing project.”

~ A. D., ghostwriting client

“Thank you for being my editing Bodhisattva.”

~ D. V., book proposal client

“When Christine read my manuscript, she was moved by Lauren’s life story, urging me to add and weave bits of my own into it. The story I started out with, that of a singularly strong and resilient woman, evolved into one of a deep female friendship that ultimately influenced the way my husband and I would talk about crucial life and death decisions. It was a pleasure to work with Christine, a skilled editor who reliably offered her encouragement, insight, and enthusiastic support.”

~ Judith Landau, Author of A Different Ending: Reflections on Living and Dying